Program Evaluation of NSF sponsored Summer Seminars at Dickinson College 1990-2004

About the Program Evaluation

A series of two-week NSF funded summer seminars on introductory physics teaching were held at Dickinson College between 1990 and 1996. Another series of summer seminars were held from 2000-2004 at both Dickinson College and the University of Oregon for high school teachers only. These seminars were designed to introduce instructors from colleges and high schools to interactive teaching methods enhanced by computer tools and curricular materials of proven effectiveness. A survey was designed by James M. Hoefler (Professor of Political Science, Dickinson College) to evaluate the effectiveness of the seminar instruction, the introductory physics curricular materials and computer tools used in the seminars, and seminar recruitment. The survey results should be of interest to those who are concerned with the development of curricular materials and computer tools in the sciences or who are planning to use workshops or extended seminars to disseminate new educational materials in the sciences.


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