Downloadable Software

The following Software is available for download from the Workshop Physics Site free of charge or registration. You may use or modify this software for educational or personal use only.
Note: Most of these downloads are compressed in .zip format to shorten download times. If you are having troubles with this, you can download Winzip or Stuffit to "unzip" these files.

    Workshop Physics Tools for Excel

What are WPTools?     View Documentation
Note: Microsoft Word version of documentation downloads with software

Windows 3.1/95/98/ME/XP
WPtools5.1: Latest Version of Windows WPTools, for Excel 5.0 and up
WPtools5.0: Windows WPTools for Excel 5.0
WPtools2.1: Windows WPTools for Excel 4.0

Macintosh OS
WPtools5.2: Latest Version of Mac WPTools, for Excel 2001 and up
WPtools5.1: Mac WPTools for Excel 98
WPtools5.0: Mac WPTools for Excel 5.0
WPtools2.1: Mac WPTools for Excel 4.0

Note: If you encounter difficulties with downloading or installing WPTools please contact P. Laws at and let her know what version of WPTools you are trying to use.

VideoPoint Software:
    for motion analysis of Quicktime
TM movies

What is VideoPoint?

Download VideoPoint Demo

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