Workshop Physics Sample Activities

The following are Excerpted sections from the Workshop Physics Activity Guide. They are presented here as examples of experiments and activities Workshop students conduct. They are not a comprehensive sample of all the types of activities, nor do they encompass all the work students will do during these units.

Unit 1: Introduction and Computing
Unit 10: Work and Energy
Unit 17: The First Law of Thermodynamics
Unit 25: Electronics

A unique unit entitled "Oscillations, Chaos & Determinism" is used as a capstone for the study of mechanics. Since it can also be used in traditional laboratories, our publisher, John Wiley & Sons, allows us to distribute this unit in its entirety with no license fee. Here it is presented in PDF format. Unit 15: "Oscillations, Chaos & Determinism" If you would like to have it in MSWord format in order to make local changes, please contact Priscilla Laws. For more details on this unit, see Am. J. Phys. 72 (4), April 2004.

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