The Physics of Dance

Kenneth Laws

Physics and dance represent remarkably complementary approaches to human body movement - the scientific approach of classical mechanics, and the aesthetic approach of the popular art form of dance. People involved with dance, those having some familiarity with science, and those naive in both areas can all find intriguing and challenging food for thought.

"Physics of Dance" presentations and classes are given by Kenneth Laws, Professor Emeritus of Physics at Dickinson College and adjunct teacher at the Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet (CPYB). With 40 years of experience teaching college physics, 25 years association with the CPYB, and three books and numerous published articles on the physics of dance, he has found the two areas to be naturally related. An interview for "Studio360" may be of interest to you. It can be found at

Julie Kent and Benjamin Pierce, from Physics and the
Art of Dance
(K. Laws, Oxford Univ. Press, 2002).
Photo by Martha Swope