Instructor Resources

Below you will find instructor resources including: an instructors companion to the EiP Activity Guide, homeworks, exams, suggested assessment tools and errata for each of the four EiP units currently available from John Wiley and Sons Inc. In addition, a selection of materials are available for each of the unpublished units.

Sample Unit Available! Interested instructors can download a PDF copy of the published Light, Sight, and Rainbows unit. This unit explores how light travels, reflection, refraction, lenses, the eye, dispersion, the spectrum of light, and of course, how rainbows are formed.

Published Units

Menu PlusUnit A: Force, Motion, and Scientific Theories
Menu PlusUnit B: Light, Sight, and Rainbows
Menu PlusUnit C: Heat, Temperature, and Cloud Formation
Menu PlusUnit D: Buoyancy, Pressure, and Flight

Unpublished Units

Menu PlusUnit E: Atoms, Crystals, and Snowflakes
Menu PlusUnit F: Sound, Vibrations and Music
Menu PlusUnit G: Population, Climate, and Mathematical Modeling
Menu PlusUnit H: Magnets, Charge, and Electric Motors

Publications and Talks